R & D

Testing & Validation

Committed to delivering best in class, zero defect products that meet the harshest testing standards required by its customers, Sanden Vikas’ Testing & Validation regimens follow stringent global benchmarks.

SVL’s exceptional array of online testing facilities include equipment sourced from the best brands worldwide.


Besides all the regular testing and validation facilities for its compressors, SVL has many key test facilities that distinguish its products.

These include:

  • HIGH FUNCTION TEST BENCH for Compressor Reliability, Shaft torque measurement, Kick-down, Low Heat load, Time for displacement as per various load & application
  • HANG LAST TEST BENCH for Bearing Reliability, Hub Load test
  • LIQUID COLUMN COMPRESSION TEST BENCH for reliability against liquid refrigerant
  • NVH BENCH for Suction & Discharge pulsation then air borne noise
  • LMS SOFTWARE & SETUP for vehicle & bench level NVH test like Sound Quality, Order Analysis, Internal Force, Octave analysis, etc.
  • VEHICLE LEVEL FATIGUE TEST BENCH for Compressor Shaft torque, Hub load measurement
  • SPL. CALORIMETER TEST BENCH for Electrical compressor performance evaluation
  • UTM TEST BENCH for Compressor clutch components leaf spring constant, tensile strength tests
  • MATLAB & SIMLINK SOFTWARE & SETUP for code generation & simulation for Electric & External variable compressors


Sanden Vikas has state-of-the-art testing facilities that ensure the reliability and operational excellence of its Air Flow Measurement System for HVACs.

These conduct stringent tests for Air flow Measurement, Air Leakage, Body Leakage and PQ curve for all its products. The key features focused upon include Differential pressure of -1250 pa to 1250 pa and Volume flow of10 to 1000 m3/h.

Hose & Pipes

Creating a gold standard in the quality of its Hose & Pipes, Sanden Vikas has a range of world class testing facilities for these critical parts. Its key test facilities for Hose & Pipes comprise:

  • CORROSION TEST CHAMBER & REFRIGERATION UNIT for Cyclic Corrosion, SWAAT, CASS Test and Rust Durability at Low temperature.
  • REPTITIVE PRESSURE PULSATION TEST BENCH for Hose & Pipe Assemblies durability test at specified temperature (upto 140°C) & Pressure (upto 100 bar) to simulate real test conditions.
  • PRESSURE SWITCH TEST SETUP for checking the functioning of the pressure Switches (Binary, Trinary) over the range 0 to 36kgf/cm²using nitrogen gas as a medium.
  • 1.5 T VIBRATION SHAKER for Vibration of HVAC and Hose& pipe Assemblies as per Standard like JIS / Customer specific tests conditions (Random).
  • INTERNAL RESIDUAL MOISTURE TEST BENCH for measuring weight of the Moisture inside Hose & Pipe assemblies using Phosphorus Pentaoxide as absorbent.