At Sanden Vikas we believe that the best around us brings out the best within us if we challenge our limits through constant learning.

GyanUday, where Gyan signifies Infinite Knowledge, the ‘U’ of Uday stands for every individual associated with the company and Uday means Rise or Beginning, was started in 2019 as a dream and vision that distinguishes SVL.
This deeply thought out and modern learning facility spread over 11,500 sq ft is dedicated to igniting the minds and empowering individuals through well designed trainings and mind sharing platforms for inductees and existing staff.
Commenced in 2019
Facility spread across 11500 sq ft
auditorium with 50 seats

Dojo Center

A uniquely conceptualized Dojo center, (Dojo, Japanese, literally meaning ‘place of the Way’) is at the heart of GyanUday. In the Dojo, the entire process comprises ten steps that start with the dissemination of knowledge regarding the company, its processes and its products. In view of our policy for zero defect products and excellence in all our fields, each individual undergoes hands on training on process, safety, maintenance and quality knowhow under experienced mentors. Practical demonstrations and simulated shop floor environments at specially tailored Dojos for our key product lines of Compressors, Hose & Pipe and HVAC besides Dojos for Safety Measures and Maintenance create a pathway for success on every front for SVL

A 50 seater ultramodern auditorium, simply called The Audi, sets the pace for visually aided learning. And three classrooms named after ancient knowledge centers Vikramshila, Takshshila and Nalanda create a space for our experienced professionals to disseminate focused classroom learning to new entrants.

learning classroom

Manthan, the conference room complete with hi-tech multimedia equipment, serves as a brainstorming nerve center where minds meet and ideas and ideologies evolve. Fostering excellence, streamlining our operations and making us future ready, together these uniquely conceptualised facilities make GyanUday the bedrock of Sanden Vikas’s consumate success.

Visually aided learning classrooms