Sanden Vikas India Pvt. Ltd. is the flagship company of the Vikas Group and Indian region strategic entity of Sanden group. We are pioneer and industry leader in automotive air-conditioning systems.

Globally recognized for its leading-edge technology and innovative thermal management systems, SVL is India’s largest compressor and Hose & Pipe assembly manufacturer.

1st Indian Company To start Manufacturing for Automotive Air-Conditioning in India
1st and Only Company To Manufacture Fixed Displacement, Variable Displacement and Scroll Technology Compressors under one roof
More than 40 Years Industry Experience in India
More than 1600+ Experienced and Skillful Team

Products & Solutions

Sanden Vikas’s Thermal Management Solutions for automotives comprise a spectrum of best in class Compressors, Heating, Ventilation Air-Conditioning (HVAC) units, Cooling units, Hoses & Pipes and Internal Heat Exchangers or IHX.


The compressor is the heart of any air conditioning system. All compressor models offer a unique combination of performance and function, a feature that has made them original equipment on some of the world’s most famous automobiles.


HVAC are designed according to vehicle specific requirement. Applications are available as HVAC, only A/C and only Heating units. Suitable for passenger car, SUV, MUV, LCV and Heavy Duty truck application and Are always dashboard mounted for small vehicles.

Hose & Pipe

Hose and pipes are used in air-conditioning systems for interconnecting the compressor, condenser, receiver drier and cooling unit as a close circuit. With the capacity to deliver 8.5 million units annum.


An Internal Heat exchanger or IHX is used to transfer heat between low side pressure and high pressure flow circuits. Its function is to improve system performance by further sub-cooling the refrigerant being supplied to the evaporator through the refrigerant control device.


Sanden Vikas is the only leading automotive air-con manufacturer in India with the unique capability to build all three types of compressors – Internal/External Variable type, Fixed type and Scroll type.

As a leading supplier of automotive Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning units, SVL has the capacity to supply 1 million HVAC units per year.

The top notch quality of Sanden Vikas Hose & Pipes draws upon distinguishing features such as the use of special grade of raw material for hoses and Aluminum pipes.

GyanUday, where Gyan signifies Infinite Knowledge, the ‘U’ of Uday stands for every individual associated with the company and Uday means Rise or Beginning, was started in 2019 as a dream and vision that distinguishes SVL.

Design & Development

Manned by a dynamic team of experienced professionals, Design & Development facilities dedicated to SVL’s three product lines – Compressors, HVAC and Hose & Pipes.

Committed to delivering best in class, zero defect products that meet the harshest testing standards required by its customers, Sanden Vikas’ Testing & Validation regimens follow stringent global benchmarks.

Our Customers