• Suitable for Light Commercial Vehicles.
  • Storage capacity sufficient for daily deliveries.
  • Frozen & Refrigerated foods:
-  Ice Cream
-  Meat
-  Milk Products
-  Fruits/Vegetables
-  Chocolates etc.
  • L.C.V
-  Easy access in city narrow lanes
-  Great solution for inter city transportation
  • System designed for Sanden manufactured compressor, validated by OEMs.
  • Services available from the original product manufacturer, which is not readily available if availed from after market.
  • Gives flexibility in transportation, in terms of volume of product being carried as well as inter city fares.
  • Vehicles available with CNG fuel options, hence bringing down the running cost.
  • Temperature as low as -18˚C achieved successfully. Hence can be customized for varied applications.
Freezer Truck System Components Specification
  Type MFC
  Dimension 650 X 365 X 61
  Dia of condenser fan Ø330
  No. of Fans 2
  Voltage 12V
  Current <9A
  RPM 2400 ± 10%
  Air Flow 1500 ± 10% m3/hr
  Type Fin & Tube
  Dimension 683 X 110 X 203.2
  Voltage 12V
  Dia of Evaporator Fan Ø330
  No. of Fans 2
  Current <7A
  RPM 2000 ± 10%
  Air Flow 1500 ± 10% m3/hr
  Type Angle Valve Type
  Ton 2T
  Type SD7H13
  Displacement per revolution 129.2 cc/rev
  No: of Cylinders 7
  Refrigerant R-404a
  Oil (Pag) SP-10 or Equil 135 cc
  Direction of rotation Clockwise
  Rated Voltage DC 12V
  Power Consumption 4.09kW@3000rpm
  Pulley Dia 132mm
FREEZER BOX : For HM Winner &TATA Super Ace
  Cabin Size (External) 2685 X 1521 X 1780 mm
  Cabin Volume 4.96 M3
  Insulation Thickness 95 mm XPS / PUF
  Insulated Room Construction Details of Wall & Ceiling 1. The individual panels will be firmly locked together Sealed & Riveted.
2. The material shall be 2 mm thick FRP on outer side & inner side.
  Floor Floor is combinition of FRP, Ply wood and checkered plate.
  Flashings Flashings will be provided (Inner, Outer, U & L channels with silicon & rivets)
  Doors For door two leaves with outer & inner panels, insulation matching with box & completely air sealed with FRP section and suitable EPDM rubber profile, Door opening should be 270°
  Discharge Ø12.0 X 1.75 (Al)
  Liquid Ø9 X 1.75 (Al)
  Suction Ø16 X 1.6 (Al)
  Defrost Ø9 X 1.75 (Al)
22 to -18°C
Automatic (Electronic Control Panel)
  Refrigerant charge Quantity 1.2 Kg.
*Specifications are subject to change/ or are for reference only
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